Weekly National Mortgage Survey – Franklin NC Real Estate – Interest Rates

Weekly National Mortgage Survey – Franklin NC Real Estate – Interest Rates


Weekly national mortgage survey


Results of Bankrate.com’s July 28, 2010 weekly national survey of large lenders and the effect on monthly payments for a $165,000 loan:

  30-year fixed 15-year fixed 5-year ARM
This week’s rate: 4.71% 4.17% 4.07%
Change from last week: -0.03 -0.01 +0.01
Monthly payment: $856.74 $1,234.59 $794.41
Change from last week: -$2.98 -$0.83









Five overlooked reasons why now is a great time to buy a home.

1. Low mortgage rates serve as an equity shock absorber. When buyers borrow at today’s record-low rates, they start building equity as soon as they close. That means they have a little give to absorb a few ups and downs as the still-recovering housing market gains traction.

2. Houses are in move-in condition. Homeowners have continued to spend on maintenance and repair, according to the Harvard Joint Center on Housing. Homeowners who have been holding back, kept their houses in good shape while they waited. As those houses enter the market, they are in marked contrast to tattered foreclosures.

3. Terrific houses are coming on the market. Foreclosures are finally starting to clear the system—and this is just the opportunity that owners of many desirable properties have been waiting for.

4. Appraisal regulations are finally aligned with market realities. Fannie Mae has adjusted its appraisal guidelines, giving appraisers more flexibility to set values that reflect the current market. This ensures that today’s deals will make it over the finish line.

5. Plenty of programs. Homes are more affordable than they have been for years, but communities have stuck by “workforce housing” programs that encourage middle-class families to buy houses. Buyers who qualify can get a big boost by combining one of these programs with today’s low mortgage rates.

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Exceptional Realtor!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By DorothyJul 9, 2010
We originally contacted John because he had the best website of anyone. He maintains the site & it is current!! John is absolutley the hardest working realtor we’ve ever met. He always answers his phone & does everything he says he’s going to do. We are now the proud owners of a log cabin & 3 acres of the most beautiful land in Franklin, NC. His sense of humor makes him a pleasure to work with! – Bill & Dorothy Fry

Franklin NC Homes for Sale – Franklin NC Real Estate – Cabins for Sale in Franklin NC – Mortgage Rates in Franklin NC

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Macon County NC Real Estate with Specialty in Franklin & Otto
“Offering Solutions to My Clients”
our gateway to Paradise in the Smokey Mountains of Franklin, NC.
John Becker / Bald Head, provides a superior level of informed, professional real estate service to Buyers and Sellers. You can obtain any information you require in order to make an informed purchase regarding Franklin NC Homes for Sale and Franklin NC Properties for Sale with John Becker at Exit Smokey Mountain Realty. Call 828-506-3719..


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