“Bald Head” Speaks about Personal Change….

“Bald Head” Speaks about Personal Change….

My EXIT Realty experience began in 2005. I had no idea just how rich and fruitful this experience would prove to be in the business & personal corridors of my life. “Born to Be Exceptional” by Steve Morris became the launching pad for my quest into personal change & development. Grasping the powers of “belief” and “change” and implementing them with deliberate intention, have positively effected the way I live and think. I can say with honesty now, that “All things are possible to those who believe”. But it doesn’t stop here with ME. I look at people around me now in a different light than ever before. When I observe brokeness and irresolute failure in other folks, my mind says to me, “What if, What if” they too, had this wonderful knowledge of personal change and growth that has transformed my life? It is this “What if” spirit that fuels my fire to see others retake their EXCEPTIONALISM and to rise from the drudgery of the mundane. Did you know that if “You build yourself, They will come”? One does not have to knock on his neighbor’s door to inform him that a delicious steak is being grilled next door, for the essence of that charbroiled delicacy has wafted into his nostrils way before the knock! Suffice to say that people in your sphere of influence will want to know “what you have” and “how did you change” when they see your metamorphosis unfold before their very eyes. It’s like Magic! And so it is happening with me… As I continue to walk in “growth mode” and implement good change in my life, it is being observed by those around me. This has translated into a good number of invitations to speak in prisons, battered women’s organizations and other arenas where “hope” appears in short supply. The late Jim Rohn says that one should “Learn & Teach, Learn & Teach” and that the best way to live a quality life is to impart quality to others from your growth experience. It is my passion to bring the light of truth to anyone who has ears to hear, and eyes to see that the greatest human attribute we possess is the ability to choose goodness over evil, life over death, happiness over sadness and ultimately sculpt our lives with deliberate intention into whatever beauty we wish.

Macon County NC Real Estate with Specialty in Franklin & Otto

“Offering Solutions to My Clients”

Your gateway to Paradise in the Smokey Mountains of Franklin, NC. John Becker / Bald Head, provides a superior level of informed, professional real estate service to Buyers and Sellers. You can obtain any information you require in order to make an informed purchase regarding Franklin NC Homes for Sale and Franklin NC Properties for Sale with John Becker at Exit Smokey Mountain Realty. Call 828-506-3719..


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