FRANKLIN NC REAL ESTATE * Welcome Back to 9000; Dow Sets New ’09 High

FRANKLIN NC REAL ESTATE * Welcome Back to 9000; Dow Sets New ’09 High

I spoke with Jack Morgan, Building Codes Administrator of Macon County this week and got some real encouraging news. Mr. Morgan told me that “home start ups” in Macon County numbered in the mid 40’s in the second quarter of this year up from about 23 in the first quarter!
National news outlets are reporting encouraging signs in the housing industry which are fueling the recovery or our economy.

 Wall Street’s recovery hit another landmark on Thursday as the Dow surged above the 9000 level to fresh eight-month highs and the Nasdaq Composite rallied for the 12th day in a row amid encouraging signs from the housing market and the latest earnings beats.
Thursday’s triple-digit surge was fueled by the third-straight increase in existing-home sales to the highest level since October and another round of better-than-expected quarterly results from bellweather companies.

Read the complete story by Fox News writer Matt Egan

Franklin NC Real Estate – Macon County NC- Otto,NC
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