Franklin NC REAL ESTATE * John Becker/Bald Head Marches For Breast Cancer

        Franklin NC REAL ESTATE * John Becker/Bald Head Marches For Breast Cancer

Get a load of this.. I was recently hood-winked into this Franklin, NC parade event by Ron Winecoff of the Angel Hospital here in Franklin NC. I thought it was a “gag”, but turns out he was serious! Now I’m scheduled to walk in this parade to assist Angel Hospital in securing a piece of equipment that is sure to help detect breast cancer WAY before it can take a human life. According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will contract breast cancer and men are subject to this nuisance as well. However, if breast cancer is diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages, the five-year survival rates approach 100%. I have seen families ravage by this cancer and so I decided I would go through with this strange fund raising event. I’m late in getting started because as I said, I thought it was a “gag”…  So I need your help in order to bless the hospital with this desperately needed piece of equipment that will benefit the whole community!





Bras for the Cause

COME to see John Becker ‘Bald Head’ parade

up Main Street on July 11 in the Walkathon, dressed in an outrageous bra walking with folks such as Angel Medical Center CEO Tim Hubbs, Dr. Adam Burrell, Chief Zoning Officer Mike Grubermann, Kevin Corbin, Chris Brouwer, Senator Bob Carpenter and more?


If pledges reach $500 in John’s name,

he will be forced to join the fun!

Proceeds go towards the new Angel Medical Center Breast Health Center.

So please get out your checkbook and support the cause. Your contribution may be tax deductible.


Make checks payable to Angel Medical Center.


Please send your check to the following address:

John Becker * Bald Head

c\o Exit Smokey Mountain Realty

557 E. Main Street

Franklin, NC 28734


Or if you’re local, I will come by and pick up your check, or you can drop it off at my EXIT office.. Just let me know..  And thank you in advance for being a good sport and helping me to help others! If you are out of town and would like to pledge support, please email me at and let me know the amount so I can totally dominate the other contestants! It’s all in FUN.. Thanks again! Oh, and by the way.. my bra is called “BOOBIE TRAP”! We are wearing these OVER our shirts.. PULEEEZE!


“Bald Head”





You may have heard the saying “there’s safety in numbers”; more than fifty (50) influential men and women in the community will be marching up Main Street this coming Saturday, July 11th, wearing their specially designed bras. Shortly after the Walkathon, we will be awarding prizes to the top three individuals who raise the most money for our new breast health center at Angel Hospital in Franklin NC. To date, we have secured more than $17,000 in gifts and pledges. Please know that your involvement is contributing to saving lives by allowing us to detect and treat breast cancer before it gets out of control!


Tim Hubbs

CEO Angel Medical Center


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