Franklin NC Real Estate Market is HEATING UP–Says John Becker – Bald Head

Franklin NC Real Estate Market is HEATING UP–Says John Becker – Bald Head

The Franklin area was besieged with out of state travelers this past weekend! It almost seems as if they came on the lead of the areas transient Humming Birds!

Their arrival is certainly good news for the local real estate market. For everyone knows that once you’ve been in Franklin, it is hard to go back to whence you came. I know, it happened to me too. I came on a visit in 1993 from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. and never went back. The beauty and quiesence of the area are totally addicting to say the least. It seems that just about every turn of a Franklin road reveals another treasured mountain view, wild flowers, horses or cows, farm land and quaint mountain homes… Country life is for sure a different pace where one must “Stop and Smell the Roses”.  Road Rage? Nah, it almost doesn’t exist here.. and when it does, we forgive it quickly because we know that these folks are just “detoxing” from the hussle and bustle of city life with all its pressures and mean trafficateers!    They only need to be here for a few days to “dry out” from city life.    I’ve posted a couple of photos for you, that I took from my front porch!

With all the negative speak in the media about recession and such, I just have to tell you that our home sales in Franklin this month are AHEAD of LAST YEAR!  Sales in Franklin this past month produced 27 closings that accounted for a total of $3,971,100 in sales revenue. The average sold price was $147,078. The average days on the market logged in at 139.  It is my opinion that if there was a “BOTTOM” we are already climbing out of it.  There is no better time to invest or relocate in Franklin, NC.

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